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Choosing a Veeva Premiere Partner

For many of those in the pharma and biotech industries, migrating to a cloud-based solution that can support your Quality and Regulatory needs will be a big learning curve. You may not have the functional understanding to migrate these systems and more importantly the time or the budget for your company to learn all the ins and outs of the system will not be a small effort and often companies lose the plot mid-way and end up redoing the implementation.

By working with a Veeva Premiere Partner, you’ll have a team of experts you can lean on to provide the SME guidance to support the challenges associated with the migration. Here are some ways they can help you out.

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Pulling Data from Old Systems

Legacy meta data in data storage systems like Master Control, SharePoint, Livelink, or Documentum may be harder than you think. Some companies try to lock in their clients by making it hard to export meta data and documents cleanly. Even migrating between versions of the same software can cause a team plenty of trouble! This is primarily because the standards applied by the systems are different between system and more importantly, they will need to meet your SOP requirements

When you choose a Veeva partner, choose one that also has experience in your current systems and has performed a migration from them into Veeva. They will need to know the functional knowledge of the system and how to design a scalable system.

Knowing All the Steps

An experienced Veeva partner will have a thorough understanding of migration methodology and the barriers to successful migrations. They will also have exception protocols if problems arise to fix problems and notify stakeholders of what’s happening and how it can be fixed.

Migration Validation

When you’re unfamiliar with a new system, validating that your old data moved over completely and in a usable state is tough. You will need testing protocols to ensure that there are no business disruptions from the migration, but developing those protocols takes a lot of time.

Veeva partners have access to their own testing protocols based on their own experience with migrations and training from Veeva. By using a widely accepted protocol as a base, you and your partner can quickly speed up the test development process.

Migration Partnership with Veeva

One of the most powerful benefits of working with a Veeva Partner is access to Migration Partnership with Veeva. Your partner can collaborate with your business teams to define SOPs, map the attributes and ensure the migration is successful. This means that if a problem arises or you have an edge case beyond your partner’s experience, they can work directly with Veeva to come up with a solution.

For more information about Veeva and how a Veeva partner can help your company bring products to market faster and gain greater market share, visit Slipstream’s page on Veeva implementation