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  • Operational improvements
    Identify areas for operational improvements in your current IT environment.
  • Enhanced customer experience
    Discuss industry trends and best practices to enhance your enhanced customer experience.
  • Key accelerators
    Asses key accelerators and implementations that best fit your strategic support.
  • Leading solutions
    Explore how our leading solutions can free you from the demands of IT.
  • IT managed and advisory consulting services
    Gain an understanding of our wide array of IT managed and advisory consulting services.
Calls Handled
SLA Attainment

Our team member is a great CSM for us and we have a wonderful technical lead. The backup team is very attuned to supporting us. We greatly value our partnership with Slipstream.

- A biotech RNAi therapeutics company


My core team of Slipstream partners consistently collaborates with my team on challenging issues, process improvement, and operational excellence. I couldn't do my job without them, and I am looking forward to continuing that partnership.

- Medical manufacturer of precision radiation therapy