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Veeva Support

Slipstream specializes in Veeva support, including Vault and Network solutions. With a 24/7 whiteglove approach we support Veeva’s industry cloud for the life sciences — from data to software and services. With a proven track record with Veeva support and implementation, Slipstream currently supports 35 clients across 40 countries with nearly 20 Veeva Certified Resources. 

Preferred service partner

Slipstream is proud to announce our status as a preferred service partner with Veeva

Today, Slipstreams supports:


VEEVA CRM implementations


VEEVA Vault implementations


Clients in




Veeva Certified resources

Veeva CRM

Veeva Vault

Veeva Network

Veeva Administrators

3 Levels of Veeva end user support

Level 1 Veeva Support Defined

Resolve “How To” Questions Troubleshoot low-medium complexity issues Production account requests

    Level 1 Examples
  • Account research
  • Creating calls
  • Creating views
  • Data change requests
  • Affiliations
  • Vmobile/iRep re-installs
  • Changing passwords
  • Creating and submitting time off territories
  • Exporting to Excel
  • Password resets
  • Entering EOM inventory

Level 2 Support

Send/Receive Calls Recording calls against an out of date database causing sync errors
Missing Accounts HCPs not aligned to their database as indicated in call plan
Missing Products Products not aligned to reps that should be according to their position
Time Off Territory Reps unable to submit requests for Vacation, PTO, etc.
Coaching Reports DMs not having the ability to create/edit report
Call Status Hierarchy call shows submitted but child call wasn’t saved

Level 3 Support

Advanced Customizations Create new reports / new functionality
Application Defects SFDC errors / bugs, iRep error messages, Call errors

Slipstream across the Veeva Suite


    • Vault Quality
    • QMS
    • QualityDocs
    • SOP Creation & Validation as a Service
    • Vault RIM
    • Submissions
    • Submissions Archive
    • Vault Clinical Operations
    • ETMF
    • CTMS


    • Vault MedComms
    • Medical Communications
    • Vault Commercial
    • PromoMats
    • CRM
    • PromoMats
    • CRM
    • CLM
    • Approved Email
    • Engage
    • Events Management
    • Nitro
    • MyInsights
    • Align
    • Network
    • OpenData