Implementation & integration

Info Management

From drug discovery to post-launch surveillance, Slipstream’s information management practice supports commercial IT needs through an organization’s journey.


Our information management team of pharmaceutical business and IT experts have successfully supported dozens of launches across distribution models, disease states and markets. Pragmatic and technology-agnostic, we suggest and provide solutions commensurate in sophistication and complexity with your organization’s strategy and business needs.

Solution Depth and Synergies

Slipstream’s offerings across Information Management areas are offered independently while offering economies and scale and real value when delivered together...

Solution Depth Steps


  • Commercial road mapping and planning
  • MO maturity and needs assessment
  • Portfolio Planning Support
  • Commercialization PMO
  • PMO Staffing
  • SDLC & SOP development
  • Integration testing services
  • PMO "As a Service"
  • IT Governance Services

Commercial Systems

  • Data and systems assessments
  • Data governance workshops
  • Data acquisition planning
  • DATAstream platform implementation
  • Master data management platform implementation
  • Analytics platform implementation
  • CDH/MDM/Analytics Ongoing Support
  • CDH/MDM/Analytics variable enhancement
  • Data stewardship support

Veeva Services

  • CRM needs analysis and assessment
  • Document management needs assessment
  • Veeva CRM implementation
  • Veeva Vault implementation
  • Veeva network implementation
  • Salesforce Health Cloud implementation
  • Veeva CRM managed services
  • Veeva Vault managed services
  • Veeva Network managed services
  • Data stewardship support

Portfolio, program and project management services
  • Strategic PMO planning, portfolio Management, PMO process design and deployment, outsourced PMO services and PMO staff augmentation
Commercialization IT strategy, systems Planning & Controls
  • Commercial IT roadmaps, IT operational process design and system deployment (ServiceNow, JIRA, and more)
IT Governance
IT Governance strategy and management
  • IT Portfolio Management in a Box
  • IT As a Service governance frameworks
  • SDLC process, tools and templates
Flexible engagement models

Flexible engagement models ranging from "as a service" fixed-cost implementations to technical staff augmentation with variable staffing levels.

Engagement models can and often will change as our clients move through their pre-launch, launch and post-launch phases.

All technical solutions

All technical solutions are designed and deployed with deep knowledge of the supported business processes and a focus on flexibility and efficient operations.

Slipstream’s DATAstream solution includes mature frameworks and base data model accelerators that can support all markets, distribution models and data sources/targets.

Outsourced solutions

Solutions can be fully outsourced/hosted or built on client cloud platforms.

Clients can choose to have Slipstream run their platform or support it themselves/using another vendor.

Client-accessible solutions

All the data in our solutions is client-accessible and, if required, allows client or external partners to modify/create data as business processes require.

No "Black Box" solutions.


Slipstream supports the ongoing support and enhancement of our deployed platforms or other vendor/client configured solutions.

IT Build Out icon

A blend of off-shore and on-shore resources are leveraged to provide real-time system monitoring and support while providing the required client engagement and service.

  • Off-shore is primarily used for system monitoring and “around the clock” development/testing.
  • On-shore resources are used for any role requiring direct client engagement as well as system design/architecture.
Space Planning icon

All ongoing services are managed in a Slipstream provided ServiceNow platform or leveraging the Client’s ticketing system.

  • ITIL standards are the backbone of the Slipstream operational support process. (Incidents, Service Requests, Problems, etc.).
IT Build Out icon

Operational support is executed against defined SLA’s to ensure quality and visibility into service efficiencies.

Space Planning icon

Support is also governed using a Volumetrics based model to ensure the team is correctly staffed throughout the lifecycle of engagement.

Overall program management approach

Slipstream’s offerings across Information Management areas are offered independently while offering economies and scale and real value when delivered together...

Develop and deploy tools icon
Develop and deploy tools and processes that align with the required PMO processes to support Program Managementneeds.
  • Schedule Management
  • Status Reporting (Communications)
  • Issue Management
  • Risk Management
  • Dependency Management
Design all processes icon
Design all processes to support multiple levels of transparency & utility without requiring redundant work.
Project Management Governance processes icon
Enable Portfolio, Program and Project Management Governance processes through the deployed tools and standards.
On-boarded projects icon
Ensure all new IT & Business Projects are on-boarded using the developed and approved tools, standards and processes.
Schedule periodic reviews icon
Schedule periodic reviews of PMO process effectiveness and make changes as necessary.
Business dependencies icon
Ensure all required Business dependencies are identified and actively managed.
PMO Services

PMO in a box

  • Includes the creation of a fully functional IT Program Management Office (PMO) including processes, tools, templates, and implementation services that can be customized to clients every need.

PMO as a service

  • provides experienced PMO resources to companies needing to supplement current staff or seeking to outsource an entire PMO function.
  • SlipStream offers staff such as Project Managers, Program Managers, and Project Analysts as resources to clients.

IT as a service

  • Builds on fundamentals implemented within the Portfolio Management PMO module by defining the IT Business Partner role and associated processes to best combine both sectors.

Commercial Launch PMO

  • draws from other services to offer a purpose-built set of PMO processes and tools designed to support an initial product launch.