Slipstream Insights

Exclusive IT for the Life Sciences

Common processes in the pharma and biotech industry tend to contain a lot of paperwork and segregated systems that makes data seem massive and endless, which makes it difficult to bring new clinical products to market.

Here are three major ways to get the bandwidth you need to optimize your processes:

Cyber Security

Sometimes identifying a security threat is as easy as receiving an email from someone claiming to be one of your colleagues, but comes from an obviously fake address. Other times, cyber attackers could be spying on your passwords and data while operations continue as normal. There’s no such thing as being overly cautious when it comes to protecting potentially life-saving information.

Make sure the eyes watching your data are protecting your data, not stealing it. Slipstream provides security engagement solutions that are constantly on the lookout for vulnerability and suspicious activity.

To be proactive instead of reactive, our solutions quite literally quarantine your network so it doesn’t catch a virus.

Quality and Compliance

The power of technology and the life sciences enable people to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. The process of delivering successful products can be stressful when there’s so many rules and regulations on top of the workload that comes with research and clinical testing.

Quality assurance CFR part VI has the power to stump any product at any time if manufacturing procedures are not directly in line with FDA expectations. In the event that your work is audited, good manufacturing procedures can bring your products to market as seamlessly as possible.

Clinical Research Organization

The ‘paper’ trail that comes with the three phases of clinical research can be massive, overwhelming, and threatening if not organized. With the risk of network connectivity and bandwidth issues, the time it takes to get products on the market just keeps getting longer and putting extra stress on everyone involved.

We’ll organize your paper trail digitally as well as any other digital assets so you can accelerate your work. We can also help you assimilate all your data assets from different sources to help with federal and state level filing. With a system that houses all your data and automatically submits your trials to the CRO, your hands are free to focus on your work that will make a lasting impact in the world.