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How to Tell if Your Data is Vulnerable

How do you know if your data is vulnerable before you have a breach? Perfect data security is unattainable, but there are plenty of best practices you can follow to make your data as safe as possible.

  • Data vulnerability has three categories. First, the data itself. Second, the systems where the data is stored. Third, the networks where data moves back and forth. If any of these is weak, that means your data is vulnerable to attacks.

Protecting Your Data

Are you monitoring your hardware assets and performing regular patches and maintenance? A hacker that can get into your systems in a way that looks legitimate could steal data with little warning. Monitor your systems!

You'll also want to check on your data encryption status. If you have valuable or sensitive data and it’s not encrypted, then you’re putting your business at serious risk. Encrypting your data is the single best practice you can do to protect your data.

Keep in mind, data has a lifespan. Old data needs to be reviewed and eliminated off of your devices if it’s not needed. An old customer list might not be valuable to you, but it could be valuable to an outside party. If you don’t need it but you don’t want it exposed, then delete it.

Protecting the Network

Finally, hiring a team to audit your network security is the best route, even if you have your own internal network security team.

Penetration from a third party serves as another set of eyes on the security of your network. There may be attack vectors your internal team hadn’t considered. Best case, an external audit finds no vulnerabilities.

This triple layer of data, systems, and network protection will keep your data as safe as possible. If any of them isn’t up to par, your data is at risk.

Stay in the Know

Maintaining safe data requires all hands-on deck. As technology continues to evolve, the threat on cybersecurity becomes more daunting than ever. Luckily, Slipstream is your partner in all things cybersecurity, and we want to share our expertise with you. Slipstream offers security awareness training along with various levels of support from preventing data vulnerability, to business continuity and disaster recovery.

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