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Streamlining SharePoint Migrations & Intranet Builds for the Life Science Industry

SharePoint and a well-structured intranet play a crucial role in achieving several business goals, especially for the life sciences. By providing a centralized platform for document management, collaboration and compliance, pharma and biotech businesses can lead their cross functional teams in a branded, seamless and cohesive environment. Below we'll explore the significance of these services in the life science industry and how automation has made a streamlined migration and build process possible with these tools.

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SharePoint Migrations Best Practices

Migrating to SharePoint can be challenging, but with thorough planning and execution, it becomes a smooth process.

What have we learned during our migrations?

1. Collaboration Challenges

One of the primary challenges faced during SharePoint migrations is the correct setup of collaborations. This involves ensuring that permissions are correctly configured for internal, external, and cross-functional teams. In the life sciences industry, data security and compliance are paramount, making it essential to control who can access sensitive information. Failure to establish proper collaboration channels can pose a significant risk to data integrity.

Best Practice: Before migration, conduct a thorough analysis of your organizations collaboration requirements. Identify key stakeholders and their access needs. Create a well-defined access control strategy to ensure that data is only accessible to authorized individuals. Consider leveraging SharePoint's advanced permission management features to streamline this process.

2. Data Fragmentation

A common issue in SharePoint migrations is data fragmentation. Data often resides in multiple locations, such as BOX, OneDrive, Ignite, CRM’s, and other disparate repositories, rather than a single location.

Best Practice: Develop a comprehensive data migration plan. Identify all sources of data and consolidate them into SharePoint to create a single source of truth. Data mapping and transformation tools can be valuable in this process. Ensure that metadata and file structures are standardized to enhance searchability and usability.

3. Comprehensive Training and Change Management

A successful migration goes beyond the technical aspects; it also involves preparing your team for change. Without proper training and change management, employees may struggle to adapt to the new SharePoint environment.

Best Practice: Invest in training to familiarize employees with the new SharePoint features and collaboration tools. Develop a clear communication plan to keep all stakeholders informed throughout the migration process. Organizations need to address concerns and provide ongoing support to users to ensure a smooth transition.

Intranet Builds in the Life Science Industry

An intranet tailored to the life science industry can dramatically alter how organizations operate. SharePoint a great tool for effective remote collaboration, which enhances productivity and engagement.

By implementing user-friendly navigation, SharePoint simplifies access to critical resources and applications. As a result, your information architecture intuitively guides your members across the enterprise.

Below is a case study that illustrates how tailored intranet solutions can bring about tangible benefits for organizations in the life sciences sector.


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Changes in our client’s intranet not only improved their day-to-day operations but also had a positive impact on the company's bottom line. By focusing on user-friendliness, up-to-date content and enhanced collaboration, this pharmaceutical company was able to create a digital workspace that empowered its employees and fostered innovation.

In the life science industry, staying competitive and compliant demands the right technology solutions. SharePoint migrations and the right intranet architecture are powerful tools to achieve these goals. At Slipstream, we're committed to helping you streamline your processes and succeed in this dynamic sector.

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